Joanne Copeland

Footsteps of Two

Never Give Up: One Mum’s Journey
Twins on the Autism Spectrum

About the Book

There are times when the path you thought you were travelling in your life becomes unclear.

You feel challenged, overwhelmed and out of control.

Not everything goes the way we plan or want it to.

In this must-read book, Joanne Copeland shares her journey and the life-altering moment when her twins, Zalie and Flynn, were diagnosed with autism. Joanne shares the challenges she faced following the unexpected double diagnosis in her honest, heartfelt account of what life has been like since – without hiding any of the raw emotions of denial, blame and guilt she encountered along the way.

Through the challenges, Joanne shares hope that things will be OK. You will discover how to develop a never-give-up attitude, even in moments of difficulty and self-doubt. The lessons shared will enable you to find inner strength even on the darkest days.

Footsteps of Two is a personal story of two children whose lives were turned upside down and how having the right understanding and support made such a difference.

An inspirational read for anyone who wants to smile.

A must read for everyone affected by autism.


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About the Author

Joanne Copeland is a mother of four who lives in a leafy suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

After completing Year 12, Joanne worked in many varied and interesting industries over 20 years as an Executive Assistant and Auditor. Firstly in full-time, then part-time positions when she became a mum. 
Returning to study at RMIT when her youngest child was 2 years old, Joanne then worked with children who had a disability in pre-school and primary school settings, while juggling a busy home life.

Joanne enjoyed writing poetry when she was younger and has always been an avid reader.
Her dream of writing a book has evolved over several years with a hope to share her journey, experience and knowledge with others.

Joanne has an interest in public speaker and has been on school committees, a netball coach, basketball team manager and school canteen volunteer, always to support her children.

Footsteps of Two is Joanne’s first book, a very truthful heartfelt insight from a mother of twins on the Autism Spectrum. A story of navigating unknown territory and finding an inner strength.

With a strong interest in healthy eating, exercise, home renovating and travel, Joanne’s out look on life is one of never give up, which has assisted her to support her twins with their greatest challenge.

Mother to Bryce, Zalie, Flynn and Anaye, Joanne has enjoyed bringing her dream to reality and finishing her book. She hopes to share her positive and personal story to help others navigate a journey similar to hers.

Zalie Copeland

Zalie is a young artist who has a passion for all things magical and enjoys using strong colour in her work. Anything in miniature form, she loves to create. Zalie paints, draws and sculpts. Using a mixed range of mediums, including pencil, foam, clay, paint, and plasticine. For Zalie, Art is another form of communication, as she faces the challenges of life with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Zalie is also face blind (Prosopagnosia), so often she chooses to present her artwork without a face, or the faces may be quite animated, as she cannot see the finer details. Zalie has been exhibiting and selling her art since she was 8 years old, with her first major exhibition being held at Latrobe University, Melbourne in 2015 when she was 12 years old. In 2019 Zalie and her art were profiled in a book produced in America. Titled: “Art Without Boundaries’. You can view and purchase Zalies Art on her Facebook page Art-by Zalie or on Instagram art_by_zalie_.

Zalie's Art


Poison Ivy


Zalie’s Art, along with other autistic artists from around the world, can be viewed in Art Without Boundaries-Living on the Spectrum. 

Available through Lulu Press.